Fledgling flies like a champ, Bobby fortifies the nest - June 25th, 2015

I noticed a wee bump on NYU's Education Building, a structure outside the southeast corner of Washington Square Park. It turned out to be the first Hawk baby to have fledged:

A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen the two fledglings hanging out together at or below the Education Building so I was careful to scour that facade.

I didn't get to see the 2nd fledgling today though.

Airing out its feathers:

It flew off after 8 minutes:

It soared magnificently across the street:

A dragonfly whizzing past:

It moved to a different part of the railing after 6 minutes.

View of the fledgling from the park corner:

It perched for another 14 minutes:

Sadie was on One Fifth:

Tucked down, head peeking up:

Bobby was on NYU's Goddard Hall, a building in front of the Education Building:

Happy shake:

I lost him as he descended below the Education Building and to the Goddard roof.

I walked around a bit then heard Blue Jays squawking up a storm in the trees near me.

I looked to see if they were upset about a Hawk. Bobby flew right out of the trees at that point and landed on Goddard again, stick in tow:

He took it to a regular Silver Center ledge:

He then brought it right to the nest:

He returned to Silver a couple of minutes later:

Off and away:

Fancy nest near where I was standing:

I had been at the park for two hours and things seemed quiet so I left.