[Updated] No fledglings today but parents were palling around - June 24th, 2015

Update, 9:24PM: Thanks to a fellow Hawk-watcher, I heard that both fledglings were seen hanging out together atop one of the eastern park buildings this evening. The 2nd fledgling wasn't flying as strong as the other (who's had a week's more experience) but it was doing great.


I saw Sadie on an east-side NYU building flag pole (Education Building) when I approached Washington Square Park today:

I looked around for the fledglings for 2 hours but didn't see them. I think I caught them during nap time. A few of us suspect they are hanging out on building tops, away from view. A fellow Hawk-watcher didn't see them yesterday either.

Bobby and Sadie were palling around on One Fifth Avenue (Sadie on the left):

One of the most unique pigeons I've ever seen:

I thought, 'Oh wow, are the fledglings hanging out together??'

Oops, not even close:

Bobby in the foreground:

Bobby circled above the eastern buildings at one point:

Back on One Fifth with Sadie: