Second Hawk baby fledged this morning - June 15th, 2015

I saw one of the fledglings' tail feathers sticking out over a building ledge as soon as I arrived at Washington Square Park this morning:

View from the front:

I then noticed Sadie on Silver (the building next door) preening:

I then happened to notice the second Hawk baby on a window sill three windows below Sadie:

It was a most excellent sight! I was so glad to see both Hawk babies doing great and being watched over by mom.

I recognized the fledgling below Sadie as the Hawk that was still in the nest last night.


The first Hawk to fledge was preening as well:

For descriptive ease, I'll refer to yesterday's fledgling as F1 and this morning's fledgling as F2.

Both fledglings got up and walked on their respective ledges in exploration mode.



Bobby stopped by nearly two hours later:

You can see F1's tail feathers on the foreground window ledge as Bobby sat in the back. F1 was snoozing:

The people inside the building finally noticed F2 on their window sill. Everyone was all smiles to see the little Hawk:

F2 received an even tinier, curious visitor:

F1 woke up and explored some more:


It was becoming extremely hot and muggy and F2 cooled down for a couple of minutes:

Sadie left Silver, picked up food from the nest, then promptly returned to Silver:

F2 flew to the side of F1's building a few minutes later, flying quite well:

Looking up at mom:

F1 then surprised me and a fellow Hawk-watcher by flying toward the nest as well:

F1 immediately flew back to the east-side buildings:


Sadie spent 35 minutes plucking the bit of pigeon she had brought from the nest:

But unfortunately she dropped it on the sidewalk below:

She looked down on it a few times: 

F2 seemed to be looking at it as well:

There were many people walking past the meat (almost stepping on it), too many for Sadie to easily avoid if she were to try to retrieve it. I was concerned for her and F2's safety should they try to retrieve it so I picked it up (my hand wrapped in a plastic shopping bag), and tossed it into a patch of park greenery across from Sadie. 

It soon began to rain, as promised in the forecast.

F1 was enduring the rain, looking up at mum:  

I welcomed the rain because it gave me the perfect excuse to leave (I had been at the park for four hours and it was well time for me to go).