Windowed fledgling eats a rat, other fledgling perches nearby - June 21st, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher notified me that the windowed fledgling was eating a rodent meal while I was getting ready to come out and visit.

They watched as Bobby sat across the street from the fledgling for a few minutes before flying into the park trees nearby.

Bobby was still in the tree when I arrived: 


The windowed fledgling cried a bit when it saw its sibling fly overhead.

Listening to the calls:

The fledgling left after two minutes.

Bobby soared and circled around briefly:

Hopping about, looking playful:

The fledgling pounced onto the rat body and began to play with it.

The rat fell to the ledge:


Afternoon preen:

I figured 2 hours was a long enough visit for the day so I packed up and left.

I saw Bobby on One Fifth Avenue when I turned the corner.

I received reports later in the evening that Sadie flew back and forth between Pless and Silver many times. Perhaps to check on the fledgling? 

And then right before sunset Bobby visited the fledgling on its ledge, then perched on a banner pole right by the window, then flew into the trees. A few minutes later Bobby landed on a lamp post on the corner from the fledgling, went back to the pole by the fledgling, back to the ledge to visit the fledgling, went back to the pole, then into the trees again. It was great to hear that Bobby was checking on the fledgling so frequently.