Both fledglings rest and play together - July 2nd, 2015

I spotted Bobby sitting a block south of the Washington Square Park nest upon arrival this morning:

He dashed toward Broadway (a few blocks east):

I noticed one of the fledglings sitting on the back side of NYU's Education Building:

I then saw that the second fledgling was sitting with it once I zoomed in:

Crying like a baby (perhaps watching a parent fly in the distance):

The fledgling that had been on the lower level hopped up:

It would gently tug at its sibling every now and then:

It was the first Hawk to have fledged on the left (F1) and the second fledgling (F2) on the right. F2 was the fledgling that was stuck on the Pless window ledges for a week.

F2 looked like it got fed up with all the tugs and moved further west:

F1 got into exploration mode:

It bounced along on different perches as though the building was a jungle gym.

Back to its sibling:

F2 moved away from F1 again:

F1 followed it to its new location:

One followed the other off the building:

I then spotted one of the fledglings atop the refrigeration unit atop Pless:

It was eating:

It was good to know that the structure was another dinner table for the two.

All of a sudden I heard the other fledgling crying. I saw it circling above (yes, circling!):

They both then tucked themselves out of sight. I had been at the park for about two hours so I tore myself away.