Fledgling gets fed, becomes boisterous with mom - July 12th, 2015

One of the fledglings was crying constantly but my fellow Hawk-watchers and I couldn't find it at first.

Bobby flew to the north-facing side of Shimkin (a building outside the southeastern corner of the park):

Sadie was sitting on NYU's Education Building (across the street from Shimkin):

She was looking down at something (which turned out to be the crying fledgling on the building top below her):

Bobby then flew and landed on the west-facing side of Shimkin:

Bobby then returned and flew to the fledgling. We figured out later that he had dropped food off for the fledgling.

Sadie moved to Silver Center:

Bobby flew to side of Silver before moving to the roof:

He then flew down the street and to his tuckaway spot near Broadway:

It took a while but I finally followed the fledgling's cry to its location. It was F2 (the second Hawk to have fledged):

It would cry every once in a while even though it was eating fresh food:

The friendly neighborhood House Finch couple visited the fledgling:

Sadie moved back to the Education Building and looked over the fledgling:

Cleaning up:

The fledgling ate for an hour and 15 minutes.

Sadie arrived to grab the remains of the food (you can see the fledgling crying out below her):

The fledgling was having none of it:

Pigeon feathers were kicked up during the commotion.

Sadie had to leave with nothing:

Sadie returned:

She got the remains of the meal this time. 

She landed on a water tower just north of the fledgling:

F2 followed her while one of the Finches looked on:

Sadie flew past with the food a few seconds later:

Circling Finch:

The fledgling flew to mom and begged, even though it was full:

Picking her talons clean:

Sadie flew across the park and landed on the southwestern corner building she regularly goes to:

Although we looked, we never saw the other fledgling this morning but it was seen doing well yesterday (in fact it dove toward a squirrel that was on the grass at one point).