Fledgling soars to new heights, Bobby in the trees - July 25th, 2015

I spotted one of the fledglings flying to the Bobst Library roof upon my arrival to Washington Square Park today.

I liked seeing the red glow of the library's stone reflected on the fledgling's belly:

The fledgling then flew to the Judson Memorial Church cross:

My fellow Hawk-watchers and I sat and watched the fledgling on the cross for an hour and a half as it preened and otherwise relaxed:

It then dove down then flew over the western tree tops and out of sight:

I spotted Bobby sitting in the trees when we went to look for the fledgling:

He made a rather low dive off his branch then disappeared.

I heard the sound of a fledgling crying several minutes later but it was hard to trace.

I then saw that the fledgling was extremely high in the sky, circling and soaring higher than we could recall.

I compared the markings on the underside of the wings to other photos of this season's fledglings and I believe this soaring fledgling was the one we saw on the cross and is "F2", the second Hawk to have fledged.