Updates on the fledglings and bonus photos from June 19th

I've been tied up the last few days and haven't 'birded' but a fellow Hawk-watcher visited the Washington Square Park Hawk family and sent me some updates.

The fledglings are doing great. They have been flying and perching around the east-side buildings and expanding their territory. My friend has seen them perched on buildings one block further south, north, and east from buildings I've ever seen them.

Hawk parents Bobby and Sadie have been seen regularly around the fledglings.

Below are some 'bonus shots' of photos I took on June 19th, when the second fledgling was still stuck on the Pless window ledges. A few people from inside the building took photos of the fledgling. The fledgling seemed curious about the people for a little while then would run away from them. 

This lady got to spend 20 minutes with the fledgling:

She followed the fledgling from window to window but the kid would keep giving her the slip:

This man only got to be close to the fledgling for a couple of minutes. His visit was a couple of hours after the woman's: