Bobby hangs out in the trees, guards his domain - August 28th, 2015

I didn't see either Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk when I visited on Wednesday but a fellow Hawk-watcher did see both of them yesterday.

I got a real treat today because I got to see Bobby relaxing in the trees when I arrived today:

A friend had seen him several minutes before I arrived so I was glad to have caught him.

A couple of Blue Jays dive-bombed him. One sat next to him at one point:

Bobby carried on relaxing and preening:


Something caught his eye half an hour after I spotted him.

I didn't want to risk losing him should he fly away so I stayed where I was instead of looking to see what he was concerned about.

He screamed a couple of times then took off through the trees:

He circled the park square then landed on one of the NYU Silver Center flag poles:

There was quite the little menagerie in the park:


Bobby flew off the pole after ten minutes and headed south:

I looked for him but didn't spot him again but I was happy to see him doing well. It'd been so long since I'd seen him, not since August 8th!