Sadie relaxes atop Cardozo for a few - September 28th, 2015

I spent a little over an hour in Washington Square Park today looking for the Red-tailed Hawks. 

One of Bobby's favorite branches had snapped off:

Sadie was perched atop Cardozo Law School as usual.

Seen way in the distance past the park arch:

She looked pretty relaxed so I left her to look for Bobby in the park again.

I noticed that Sadie was gone from Cardozo after a few minutes.

I saw a Hawk flying toward One Fifth Avenue 15 minutes after I had left Sadie but I couldn't confirm which Hawk it was:

It circled a little bit before flying behind One Fifth:

I searched for either Hawk again but didn't find them.

Chewed-up rat trap cover:

The nest with its bits and bobs:

Both Hawks seen yesterday and today - September 25th, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw both Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks in the park yesterday and this morning so all is well with them right now.

Hawkless week so far - September 23rd, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher hadn't seen either Washington Square Park Hawk Monday, Tuesday, or this morning. I was in the park for an hour today and didn't see either Hawk either. Timing hasn't been on our side but that should change soon.

Someone had placed a bunch of sticks and grass on the dead squirrel I discovered on the 15th in an effort to give it some kind of burial:

Hawkless Cardozo building roof structures:

Bobby shows off his rat for two minutes - September 19th, 2015

We found Bobby in the eastern Washington Square Park trees today. He had a little rat in his clutches. 

He flew from tree to tree, back and forth, several times. We were trying to figure out what his deal was. He was obviously not trying to find a place to eat the rodent because he perched on plenty of wide branches. And he's not a shy eater. 

It looked very much like he was showing it off as if to signal to Sadie that he had food. We didn't see her however. She may have been around but the tree foliage is still very thick and she perches very high whenever she is in the trees.

We lost Bobby when he flew east out of the park.

Nearby pigeons stayed very still:

Bobby chases a juvenile Hawk out of the park - September 15th, 2015

Sadie was perched atop Cardozo Law School as usual early this morning:

My friend and I left Sadie after 15 minutes and returned to Washington Square Park to look for Bobby again.

Bobby was nowhere to be seen at first. I stopped in my tracks upon seeing a juvenile Hawk sitting rather low in a western tree:

Squirrels were hassling it:

All of a sudden we heard Bobby screaming out loud from a tree to our left. We couldn't see him in the foliage. He 'yelled' several times. The juvenile moved to a tree further north from him.

Bobby flew from his cover and chased the juvenile:

The juvenile flew around the trees, Bobby chasing it from area to area.

Dealing with another squirrel:

I didn't get this shot in focus but am including it since the body postures are pretty fun:

Bobby giving chase again:

This guy never noticed the Hawks:

Bobby chased the juvenile away from the grounds after 30 minutes.

I almost tripped over a dead squirrel on the lawn:

It was in rigor mortis. I didn't see any Hawk talon puncture wounds on it so I'm not sure how it died.

Bobby hunted for a bit:

He watched some birds a regular park-goer was feeding:

Bobby flew by them rather low but didn't make a go for them. He traveled on to trees in the distance. We lost sight of him and couldn't find him so we left the park after a few more minutes.