Bobby and Sadie briefly cavort together - September 2nd, 2015

I first spotted Sadie way in the distance from the park, atop the Cardozo Law School building she's been seen on many times in the recent past:

She looked content so I returned to the Washington Square Park grounds to look for Bobby.

I found him in a northwestern tree:

Curious squirrel:

The squirrel moved to different branches to spy Bobby from:

Bobby stretched after an hour and fifteen minutes:

He flew further northwest, to the park's Hangman's Elm:

He started yelling after a couple of minutes then shot off his perch:

I then watched as he, Sadie, and a Kestrel circled the sky together for a few turns.

Bobby was still calling out:

And surprisingly for me, Sadie was crying out just like a begging Hawk baby:

This was my first time hearing an adult Hawk cry like a baby.

I lost sight of them as they circled further toward the north.

One Fifth Avenue in the background on this obviously hazy, hot day: