Bobby chases a juvenile Hawk out of the park - September 15th, 2015

Sadie was perched atop Cardozo Law School as usual early this morning:

My friend and I left Sadie after 15 minutes and returned to Washington Square Park to look for Bobby again.

Bobby was nowhere to be seen at first. I stopped in my tracks upon seeing a juvenile Hawk sitting rather low in a western tree:

Squirrels were hassling it:

All of a sudden we heard Bobby screaming out loud from a tree to our left. We couldn't see him in the foliage. He 'yelled' several times. The juvenile moved to a tree further north from him.

Bobby flew from his cover and chased the juvenile:

The juvenile flew around the trees, Bobby chasing it from area to area.

Dealing with another squirrel:

I didn't get this shot in focus but am including it since the body postures are pretty fun:

Bobby giving chase again:

This guy never noticed the Hawks:

Bobby chased the juvenile away from the grounds after 30 minutes.

I almost tripped over a dead squirrel on the lawn:

It was in rigor mortis. I didn't see any Hawk talon puncture wounds on it so I'm not sure how it died.

Bobby hunted for a bit:

He watched some birds a regular park-goer was feeding:

Bobby flew by them rather low but didn't make a go for them. He traveled on to trees in the distance. We lost sight of him and couldn't find him so we left the park after a few more minutes.