My friendly neighborhood Peregrine returns - September 10th & 11th, 2015

The Peregrine Falcon I used to watch from my kitchen last summer was back on its regular perch yesterday and today.

I'd seen the Peregrine around every couple of months or so since winter but yesterday and today were solid sightings.

The Falcon sat around and preened in the rain for two hours:

A quick yawn:

Happy shake:


The pigeons several stories below were preening too and didn't seem too nervous about the Peregrine above them:


I had things to do so I took a break from the Falcon for several hours and found it on the other corner of the building right before its bedtime:

It didn't sleep on the building overnight.

It was right back on the same corner this morning:

It would peck at things on the roof but I couldn't see what. I think the dark gray bits you see at the base of the railing is roofing material of some kind.

The best bit was seeing the Peregrine later in the day and a few blocks further into the Tompkins Square Park Hawks' territory. It was perched a block south of the Tompkins Square Hawks' 1st Avenue building perch

After a few minutes I heard and then saw one of the Tompkins Hawks crying out and circling the sky near it. They both circled in the air together for a minute. I suppose the Hawk was declaring that the Falcon was on its turf.

The Hawk flew far south and the Peregrine eventually flew back toward my neighboring building.

I then saw the other Tompkins Hawk on the 1st Avenue building for a second before it flew overhead, heading southward.