Sadie hopscotches around town - September 12th, 2015

It was Sadie day today.

I looked for Bobby in the Washington Square Park trees and around the buildings lining the park but didn't see him.

I spotted who I later found out was Sadie sitting at her regular Cardozo Law School perch a few blocks north of the park

I was only a block away when she took off and began circling:

She flew straight to the park.

I found her on another regular perch outside the southwest corner of the park:

She flew toward 6th Avenue after roughly 45 minutes:

A fellow Hawk-watcher and I looked for her on 6th but didn't see where her new perch was.

I spotted her diving over 6th towards Cardozo 8 minutes later.

We caught up with her there:

Did I ever tell you that I like signs?

We watched her rest and preen for another 45 minutes.

I was getting tired of all the standing around so I left to take care of errands.

My friend called me and let me know Sadie flew off her perch only a few minutes after I had left.