Bobby, Sadie, and a visiting Cooper's Hawk - October 31st, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw both Sadie and Bobby sitting atop their own flagpole a few minutes before I arrived at Washington Square Park this morning. They had disappeared by the time I got there.

Looking south toward the park with One World Trade in the background:

The Silver Center is the short building on the left (with the American flag) and Bobst Library is the shorter reddish building in the center.

One of the Hawks eventually showed up again:

I figured out later that it was Sadie on the flag pole.

Bobby appeared, circling in the distance.

He eventually flew past Sadie and continued southwestward:

Sadie left her perch half an hour later and flew right to one of her favorite building perches:

A Blue Jay was going crazy in a tree near me. A regular park-goer pointed a raptor out to me. It turned out to be a Cooper's Hawk!

The Blue Jay dive-bombed it a few times.

Cooper's Hawks often visit the park in autumn and winter.

The Jay bumped the Hawk one last time, making the Hawk yell out crankily. It then flew deeper into the trees, not to be seen again. Sadie was gone from her building as well.

I walked around the park and saw several new rat traps with the label "NO RODENTICIDE TRAP ONLY":

A Thrush jumped around on one for a second:

All in all it was a pretty satisfying two-hour outing.