Bobby tolerates the juvenile for another day - October 14th, 2015

I spent another long visit with Bobby and the latest juvenile in Washington Square Park on the 14th. 

One of the adult Red-tailed Hawks was a block south of the park at first:

I looked for the juvenile and found it at the same spot as on the 12th:

An Osprey circled above at one point:


I looked for the fledgling and found a Hawk up in the trees:

It was Bobby:

I scanned for the juvenile but couldn't find it until a little crowd in the distance pointed it out to me: 

The fledgling was playfully hopping about on the lawn:

Bobby flew further north:

This lady didn't notice the Hawk:

The juvenile began to watch something intently so I turned around and saw one of the adult Hawks circling in the sky for a few seconds:

The juvenile watched it the whole time:

Off to a new tree after 4 minutes:

I spotted Bobby in a tree. He was seated higher than the juvenile.

The two Hawks watched each other:

The juvenile jumped to the ground to play:

Watching the juvie:

The juvenile would look up at Bobby cautiously between playful runs and hops.

Bobby chased after the juvenile (he's seen in front of the central tree):

Bobby sat near the juvenile:

Bobby moved closer:

To a branch with a better view of the juvenile:

The juvenile chirped up to Bobby for several seconds:

Bobby's tolerance of the juvenile was surprising. I was half expecting him to get into the juvenile's face as he did with another juvenile earlier this year but he refrained from fighting it.

Bobby left and began to scan for prey:

He flew out of the park:

The juvenile went to some stored food on its new tree:

It was a rat. Was it the remains of the rat I saw it eat on the 12th? Did the juvenile store it? Or was it one of Bobby's and Sadie's stored rats? Is this juvenile one of theirs? So many questions we'll never know the answers to!

Chasing after squirrels again:

Biting on some bark:

The little Hawk walked right in front of me and a few others who were watching it. It was maybe a foot or two (at the most) from our feet. We stayed put as we watched in awe at how close it got.

It walked along, playfully spreading its wings at all the toys on the path:

I had responsibilities to attend to so I tore myself away.