Bobby visits the nest, circles with Sadie - October 29th, 2015

I set out a little late to Washington Square Park today but managed to catch up with the Red-tailed Hawks before they had their typical break from the area.

 Sadie was perched on a regular perch a block south of the park:

I left her to look for Bobby. A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen him in the western trees earlier.

Fall foliage still looking lovely:

I couldn't find Bobby in the trees.

I caught up with him several minutes later at the eastern side of the park. He flew from NYU's Silver Center, over the buildings I was standing under, then perched at NYU's Shimkin Hall:

He took off after a few seconds:

I rushed over to see where he had gone but the trees blocked my view. I then saw a Hawk leave the nest and land on a westward building:

It turned out to be Bobby. He had only been in the nest for a few seconds.

He then flew toward the park square 4 minutes after landing on his building.

I spotted a Hawk flying over the square:

It was Sadie:

The two Hawks are somewhat easy to distinguish from each other right now because Bobby has a feather gap in the middle of his left wing and Sadie has a gap in the middle of her right wing.

She circled several times then flew northward (you can see the Empire State Building's spire to the left of the arch):

She circled a few times in the distance but then I lost her.

Since it was a nice day I spent some time enjoying the other sights. It was a very rainy and windy day yesterday and the trees lost a lot of leaves.

This tree had still been quite lush on the 26th but not anymore:

A Mourning Dove was walking around many fallen tree berries:

It was while I was watching the Mourning Dove that I happened to spot Bobby and Sadie circling just north of the park.


They circled a few more times before disappearing northwestward.