Bobby and Sadie drive out an adult interloper - November 21st, 2015

An adult Red-tailed Hawk was chased out of Washington Square Park by Sadie and Bobby this morning. 

Sadie was atop a favorite southwestern building top (Judson Memorial Church on the left):

All of a sudden Sadie took off and started circling and yelling above the park:

She flew to the opposite side of the park and continued yelling:

Bobby appeared and circled with Sadie low over the trees:

It was then that I saw a third adult circling high above the park:


Bobby, he was yelling as well:

Bobby and Sadie dominating the sky together:

The third Hawk flew away, southeast of the park:

Sadie joined Bobby on the southwestern building:

One of the town's cats on a regular walk:

It was an hour of fast-paced action then sudden relaxation.

Parting shot: