Bobby and Sadie relax at the park - November 7th, 2015

I caught up with Bobby and Sadie Hawk early this morning. Bobby was on the Judson Memorial Church cross but Sadie was not visible at first.


Bobby slipped away in the couple of seconds I took my eyes off him. Figures! Luckily he returned to the park within a couple of minutes, flying low over the square and to a regular tree:

Sadie appeared after 20 minutes and flew to her regular 3rd Street perch:

Soft nest material was blowing in the breeze. It might be a plastic bag:

A little slice of life (traffic coming down 5th Avenue):

I had to leave for the day so I took a parting shot of Sadie:

A fellow Hawk-watcher later reported seeing three Hawks (Bobby, Sadie, and what appeared to be a juvenile). Bobby chased the 3rd Hawk away and Sadie settled onto a northern perch.