Juvenile Hawk plucks a pigeon - November 15th, 2015

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk was in Washington Square Park all day today.

I caught up with it in the early afternoon.

It flew from tree to tree then hunted for pigeon:

Sadie flew overhead, crying out loudly before landing on one of her favorite building perches:

The juvenile spent 40 minutes in this tree:

The juvie plucked a pigeon right off a regular pigeon-feeder's hand!

At first I thought the pigeon was snatched from his lap but it turns out the Hawk had literally hand-plucked it.

Two squirrels froze on the tree in front of the Hawk: 

The squirrels then began to harass the Hawk from time to time:

The Hawk had trouble keeping the pigeon balanced on the branch. The pigeon fell to the ground with a heavy thud. The Hawk immediately dove and grabbed it.

The Hawk flew past within arm's reach then continued on to a new tree to finish eating in more privacy: