Sadie has multiple meals, Bobby joins her - November 20th, 2015

There was a flock of Ravens flying by Washington Square Park today. I find them fascinating and wish there were more in the area to observe.

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw Sadie eating at a perch a block south of the park before I was able to arrive.

I found her atop One Fifth Avenue:

Bobby arrived on a regular NYU flag a couple of minutes later:

Sadie was eating at her perch:

Bobby and Sadie circled a bit over the eastern side of the park. Sadie flew to and hovered over a new perch to eat at:

One Fifth Avenue on the left, the park arch in the foreground:

Her new perch was the 3rd known meal location over the course of an hour and a half:

Bobby returned to her and flew to her (he's in the upper right corner of the photo below):

He left after several seconds:

Sadie continued to eat. Bobby circled north of her before disappearing.

She flew northward and out of sight after her meal around 5 minutes later.