Squirrels rat Bobby out, Sadie rests north of the park - November 2nd, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher informed me that Bobby was hunting from the northwestern trees so I headed out as soon as I could to try to catch up with him. 

Bobby was gone by the time I arrived.

Protecting and surfing:

I walked around and around the park looking for Bobby or Sadie but was having no luck. 

I decided I'd have to rely on park creatures' behavior to help me find Bobby since I wasn't spotting him anywhere myself. It was within seconds of those thoughts when I came upon a squirrel clinging to the side of the tree, facing downward (head raised) and repeating a Hawk warning cry to other squirrels. It was the break I had been hoping for.

I stopped and scanned the nearest trees and there was Bobby!

He was relaxing in the northeastern trees.

It was delightful watching him but I was stuck at one of those spots where you have to stand in place to get the best view of him or else risk having branches obscure the view of the Hawk. So I "had to" stand for an hour and 45 minutes while watching him and oh boy was I longing for a park bench. I was actually really glad to see him fly away because I could then freely walk again! :)

I lost him when he flew into the southeastern trees. I looked for him but didn't see him again.

I saw a Hawk circling outside the southwestern corner of the park and I thought it might be Bobby but it turned out to be Sadie. She flew to her regular Cardozo Law School Building a few blocks north of the park:

By this time I had to leave for the day so off I went.