Big Hawk day: A juvenile, Bobby & Sadie, then the Tompkins Square Park Hawks drive Bobby away from their turf - December 3rd, 2015

I enjoyed quite a lot of Hawkery over the course of a couple of hours this morning.

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk hunted a pigeon flock outside my apartment building.

It landed briefly on my friendly neighborhood Peregrine Falcon's regular perch in view from my kitchen:

It hopped off and pursued pigeons again after a few minutes so I was pretty lucky to see it when I did.

I headed to Washington Square Park soon after. 

Bobby flew overhead when I was standing at the light at the corner of Broadway and 3rd Street (a few blocks east of the park): 

My camera was not yet assembled so I had to 'suffer' and watch him fly past without the ability to take his picture. :) A falcon followed him as he traveled. I looked for both birds once I had my camera assembled but I couldn't find them so I went to the park grounds.

I spotted Sadie atop One Fifth Avenue:

Bobby joined her 11 minutes later:

Bobby moved to the left:

Bobby left after several minutes:

He circled around and then rejoined her:

Bobby on the left:

He moved back to the right:

He was soon off again:

He flew north and out of sight. Sadie stayed and appeared to be pretty relaxed. She preened a bit and soaked up some sun.

I had to leave so I headed east again.

I was approaching Bowery when I saw three adult Red-tails flying south, one after the other. It was pretty jaw-dropping because I realized right away that it was the Tompkins Square Park Hawks following Bobby. 

They were flying along Bowery between 3rd & 2nd Streets. Bowery is the street partly highlighted in blue in my terribly-scribbled line in the image below (I really should learn Photoshop!):

Bowery is the apparent boundary between the Washington Square Park and Tompkins Square Park Hawks' territories. 

I've seen Bobby fly along Bowery in the past (chasing pigeons) but never further east of it. Similarly, I've seen the Tompkins Square Park Hawks fly along Bowery but never further west of it. It appears to me that both pairs of Hawks have an understanding of this boundary.

Anyway, I guess the TSP Hawks didn't like Bobby flying along their turf today. I had to reassemble my camera all over again so I missed catching good shots of them circling together.

I caught up with one of the TSP Hawks sitting on a water tower along Bowery and 3rd Street:

I think this Hawk might have been Dora:

'She' and Bobby circled above Bowery for a few seconds before Bobby veered west. He got some lift and quickly flew back toward Washington Square Park:

I lost sight of him him when he was over Broadway.

The circling didn't seem combative in any way. There were no screams, dive-bombs, or contact. It was more like a firm ushering on the part of the TSP Hawk.

The most exciting part to me though was that this was the first time I ever saw these Hawks interact with each other.

I had to continue on into Tompkins Square Park Hawk territory so it wasn't long before I saw one of the Hawks on a regular Avenue A perch:

If you would like to learn more about the Tompkins Square Park Hawks, be sure to follow Gog in NYC for all the latest.