Christmas Washington Square Park Hawks - December 25th, 2015

Both Sadie and Bobby were perched around Washington Square Park today.

I first spotted Bobby sitting atop NYU's Education Building (at the southeastern corner of the park):

He was looking over the park:

The nest is still full of plastic and what may be some paper bag material. It may be that the plastic is tamped down enough to not pose a safety hazard to next spring's babies (as a plastic bag was for the 2012 babies).

Sadie was sitting on a regular perch a block southwest of the park:

I left the park then passed through again 2 ½ hours later to see a Hawk on NYU's Education Building. It may be that it was Bobby and that he had never left his perch.

Park arch and Christmas tree in the foreground:

I didn't see Sadie during my second pass through and around the park but that was ok. It was nice to know that they were doing well this Christmas day.