Distant Hawk day - December 11th, 2015

Today's Hawk sightings were long-distance for me.  A fellow Hawk-watcher saw one of the Hawks a couple of blocks north of Washington Square Park but the Hawks I saw were between 5 and 6 blocks away. A distant Hawk day is still a good Hawk day so I'll take it!

 One of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks near its 'Village View' perch (along 1st Avenue):

Oh how the Hawks love the chimney heat.

When I see a Hawk like that I wonder if there's anyone else who can see it or if it's just my little 'secret'. :)

I arrived at Washington Square Park at a bad time of day (when the Hawks typically leave the grounds) so I knew my chances of seeing them would be slim.

I took a couple shots of the Con Ed tower (where the Hawks perch with some regularity when not in the park) and spotted a Hawk at the base of the tower:

I lost sight of the Hawk during the few seconds I double-checked my settings and took another couple of shots of the tower. I never saw the Hawk again and I can't be sure if it was a Washington Square Park Hawk or a Tompkins Square Park Hawk.

A few trees are still holding on to their leaves:

One of Sadie's favorite building perches will be tricky to reach for a bit:

A tiny dead rat was on the sidewalk along the northern border of the park:

I didn't look close enough to see if it had been killed by a creature or if it may have been poisoned. The park has mostly poison-free traps these days. 

Photo I took of the Hawk-less Village View perch when leaving Washington Square Park for the day: