Sunbaths and mystery departures - December 16th, 2015

 I saw Sadie sitting on a red tile roof a couple of blocks north she has been regularly enjoying lately. I was glad to see her because I had been at Washington Square Park for almost half an hour already and was beginning to worry I may have a Hawkless visit.

The red tile roof and Sadie as seen from the park:

I moved closer to get a better view of her:

I moved to get even closer and of course she had disappeared by the time I got to a better vantage point.

I walked to 6th Avenue to check the Jefferson Market Library (one of her new perches) to see if she might be there but no dice.

But luckily I discovered that you can see the library tower from the southeastern side of the park anyway which is very helpful:

Pigeons near me went mad and fled toward the western side of the park. I looked up and saw that one of the Hawks was now on the Education Building flagpole:

I'm pretty sure it was Bobby but it was difficult to confirm.

He showed up 40 minutes after I had lost Sadie.

I watched him for 20 minutes. He dove off the pole faster than I could photograph him.

I looked for him but couldn't find him even though it looked like he was diving into the direction of the park.

The metal ribbon I first noticed on November 13th was holding strong: