Triumphant Bobby and Sadie - April 28th, 2015

Sadie and Bobby were triumphantly circling over the park together when I got to Washington Square Park today. 


Bobby on the right:

They followed each other into the nest after one minute:

They both looked into the nest and at their new hatchlings:

Bobby on the left, Sadie on the right:

Bobby flew out then soared in circles high above the park:

He eventually landed on the northeast corner of One Fifth Avenue:

I only just caught a pic of him diving down from his perch:

Sadie on the babes:

I couldn't stick around long enough to watch any hunting or feeding but will surely have the chance to soon.

Two WSP eggs reported hatched - April 27th, 2015

A welcome sight on my way to Washington Square Park, one of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks on a regular perch:

I spotted Bobby turning a corner and heading to a favorite pigeon-hunting spot when I was a couple of blocks from the park:

The building he had turned behind (pigeons scurrying):

I looked for him for a few minutes but couldn't find him so I walked to the park and saw Sadie was in the nest: 

Apparently I was in the park when two eggs were said to have hatched (as per a friend who relayed NYU's news to me).

At one point Sadie got up and turned to gaze into the nest bowl:

Looking at her babes?

She left the nest for 3 minutes:

She circled above the eastern side of the park. She was not hunting.

Flying toward the library nest:


Above the library:

Circling back:

She settled back onto her brood:

Spring blooms:

Bobby reappeared, soaring over the eastern part of the park.

He landed on his One Fifth Avenue perch a few minutes after I saw him back in the park:

Looking over his territory and nest:

I watched as he dove off his perch 10 minutes later. I could not tell if he went to the nest due to my location at the time but he did fly low in front of the nest. I then saw Sadie fly from the direction of the library a few seconds later so there might have been a nest switch at that time. She circled above Silver and beyond:

I watched her fly a couple of blocks east of the park then return to the park grounds. It was at that point that I had to leave for the day.

Nest switches and plastic - April 24th, 2015

One of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks was on a regular perch while I was en route to Washington Square Park:

It's pretty nice to see Hawks there so often, especially on days when I am not birding and just going about on a regular day.


Sadie flew into the nest shortly after I arrived in Washington square Park. She was toting a plastic garbage bag:

She started incorporating the bag into the frame of the nest:

Watching her do so was reminiscent of the nightmarish time when a plastic bag handle was temporarily wrapped around the leg of one of Rosie and Bobby's babies in 2012.

Bobby stood up from the nest bowl:

I was relieved when I saw the bag fly away after 5 minutes:

Bobby left the nest seconds later:

He flew over the eastern side of the park then landed on One Fifth Avenue:

Geese flew overhead:

Bobby left One Fifth after half an hour:

He flew low toward pigeons but continued on to the nest:

Yet another piece of plastic flew from the nest, this time when Bobby jumped out of the nest:

He circled high above the library:

He flew southwest and out of sight.

The mermaid kite from the other day was not doing so well:

Bobby returned to One Fifth without my noticing. I spotted him there half an hour after he had flown southwest.

Enjoying a scratch:

From cloudy to sunny:

A piece of paper flew out of the nest:

Bobby then left One Fifth after half an hour and flew northeast.

I saw him return to the nest about 45 minutes later.

Sadie flew out of the nest:

She circled above the eastern side of the park then disappeared when flying north.