Distant Hawkery - January 15th, 2016

I saw a Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk on two occasions during my outing today but I am not sure which Hawk I saw (or if I had seen both separately) because of the distance between us.

I initially searched throughout the park for the Hawks but they were nowhere to be seen. I wasn't too surprised because I was visiting around 'the witching hour' (when the Hawks leave the grounds and cavort elsewhere until later in the day).

Wheatpasting on Bowery:

Sadie's southwestern perch will be a no-go zone for a while:

A squirrel was drinking water from a chunk of ice someone had left on the lawn:

Those little claws:

A peek at the nest:

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw one of the Hawks visit the nest on January 7th.

I left the park Hawkless. I was at nearby Astor Place when I saw a Hawk circle over Lafayette street before it headed toward the park.

I hadn't planned on going back to the park but I followed the path I thought the Hawk might have taken.

I saw one of the Hawks on a regular northwestern perch when I got closer: 

I could not tell which Hawk it was.

It was not a good time for me to Hawk anymore so I left the area for the day. But that was alright because I was happy to have had the sightings I did have.