New Year's weekend getaway photos & special Hawk visitor

Since I don't have recent Hawk photos I thought I'd share some pictures I took while in the woods of upstate New York last weekend.

A tree stump obviously in heavy use as a dinner table:

Sawn log by the hiking path:

My approach may have interrupted a critter in mid-meal since there was this partially-eaten berry on the path:

Another meal nearby:

What I think might have been a goose feather (a flock had flown overhead a few minutes earlier):

Signs of a bear having recently enjoyed a claw-scratching session:

What was probably a dog track on the foot bridge: 

On the last morning of my trip a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk landed in the tree outside the dining room window:


It took off a few seconds after it saw me spying on it. Its visit was a lovely cap to my trip.