Post-blizzard Hawking - January 24th, 2016

The city got a lot of snow from yesterday's blizzard but the skies were bright blue this morning. I headed out the first chance I got to check on the Washington Square Park Hawks.

A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen both Bobby and Sadie circling a couple of blocks east of the park and perching together on One Fifth Avenue earlier in the morning.

The park was full of people having fun in the snow. It was a gorgeous day!

The blue tarp that had been wrapped around the Hawks' favorite southwestern building was gone so I took a shot of the building:

Little did I know at the time that a Hawk was sitting on the construction pulley. I had been fooled into thinking that that pulley was a Hawk so many times in the past, I had trained myself to not even bother looking at it. I learned my lesson today.

Mysterious baking tray that had gotten snowed in:

The snow was awfully high in most places:

It looked like a lot of the filth from the nest and wall got washed out:

I didn't notice a Hawk until a half hour after I had arrived. It was circling above Fifth Avenue, right next to the One Fifth Ave building (the Empire State Building's spire in the background):

Two Hawks!

One appeared to be toting food:

They flew north together. I saw them flying around 12th Street but I lost them by the time I walked to where I last saw them.

 Looking south toward the park and arch, pretty high snow banks:

A Turkey Vulture traveled southward:

The nest held tough against the blizzard gusts and snow:

I left the park after it seemed obvious I wasn't going to see the Hawks again any time soon.

Some of the side streets had still not been plowed. This photo was taken in the Lower East Side around 2:00PM: