Sadie and Bobby force a juvenile Hawk from the park - January 22nd, 2016

Sadie was the fierce protector of her and Bobby's Washington Square Park territory today. She was the first Hawk I saw:

She had flown to a regular perch a block south of the park but I didn't know it at the time.

I went looking for her at 6th Avenue (a block west of the park) but only found a well-fed Peregrine Falcon perched atop the church at Father Demo Square:

I noticed Bobby atop the antenna below after I returned to the park.

I didn't notice at the time but Sadie was sitting there as well, hidden by a post:

Sadie flew from her perch and over the park:

She flew over the park several times, flying aggressively.

She is seen flying across the left side of the green triangle below:

Bobby still on the dish:

Sadie almost landed on One Fifth Ave but decided against it:

She then engaged with a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, soaring and circling several times. Bobby rushed over to the scene and assisted Sadie.

This was the only semi-decent photo I could get of the juvenile:

The juvenile eventually flew southeast and away from the park.

One of the adult Hawks landed on some antennas a couple of blocks east of the park:

You could barely see the top of its head:

I had to leave at that point. I checked and saw one of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks on its Village View perch down 4th Street (the same street the Washington Square nest is located at):