'Witching hour' Hawk spot - January 31st, 2016

I found Sadie sitting on a regular 3rd Street perch, right behind Bobst Library:

She had a nice full crop:

She stretched and walked across the heat vent cover:

I should have known she was walking to the edge in order to fly off her perch. I just missed her leap:

I lost her after she circled east over Broadway.

I meandered around Washington Square Park to look for her and Bobby but didn't find them.

Since I was visiting during the 'witching hour', when the Hawks leave the grounds for the afternoon, I went northeast to look for them since that's where I've seen Bobby hang out (usually on the Con Ed tower).

I found Sadie first, perched on a chimney heat vent along Broadway and about 13th Street:

Grace Church in the foreground (Sadie in the background):

All of a sudden Bobby appeared, circling overhead.

There is a pigeon flock at Grace Church so he might have been hunting them, I'm not sure.

Passing over a building:


Sadie joined him. They circled for a couple of minutes together.


Thanks to their flying overhead, I was able to get good shots which will help me distinguish them from each other from a distance. They are missing feathers in different places so identifying them should be easier the next several days. 



I think I heard one of them call out to the other in a short exclamation. They then separated. Sadie flew toward the park and Bobby flew south:

I returned to the park but didn't find either of them. That was fine though since I got to see some good action and discovered where Sadie hangs out northeast from the park.