Bobby feeds Sadie a pigeon then watches over her - February 11th, 2016

Bobby was toting a pigeon and circling with Sadie:

They flew around the corner of Bobst Library:

I looked for them for 10 minutes on the side streets with no luck. I returned to the park to find Sadie eating the pigeon atop One Fifth Avenue:

Bits were carried on the breeze as she plucked away:

I went to the trees to look for Bobby. A fellow Hawk-watcher has seen him twigging and bringing nest material to the nest so I was hoping to see him doing so.

The nest is looking well:

The pigeon flocks started freaking out so I whipped around to see Bobby land on a flag pole overlooking the eastern side of the park:

He soon left his perch and circled above the park.

Sadie watched him:

Bobby sat by while Sadie ate:

He sat with her for almost 10 minutes before circling over the park again.

He then did an amazing vertical drop to a mystery perch:

I found him later circling east of the park before he disappeared for good. 

I left with Sadie still eating (her meal had lasted an hour already):