Bobby & Sadie visit the nest then have sun baths - February 7th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher had the delightful experience of watching Bobby and Sadie visit the nest and do some housekeeping. 

The Hawks then perched together or near each other at various spots before settling in for some sun.

I got to Washington Square Park during their resty time.

Sadie in the distance, on her NYU Law School dorm roof ladder:

Bobby was on the Judson Memorial Church cross. I'm pretty sure he could see Sadie from his perch.

Sadie in the same spot but how she appeared from the park:

Bobby left the cross 13 minutes after I had arrived. He flew over the park and continued northwestard:

He returned a couple of minutes later and circled several times above us and north of the park.

 He shared the sky with a circling gull at one point:

Bobby then left the park, traveling northeast.

I left after several more minutes, checking in on Sadie first.

I caught her departing westward:

My friend spotted Sadie back on her ladder perch not long afterward.