Bobby tidies the nest, circles with Sadie - February 17th, 2016

It'd been a week since I last saw the Washington Square Park Hawks and was a little nervous I might not see them today.

But all was well and I saw Bobby go from perch to perch and to the nest to tidy up a bit. 

He and Sadie then circled above the park for a couple of minutes before separating and resting on favorite building perches.

The nest looking well:

Bobby in the Hangman's Elm at the northwest corner:


The construction scaffolding is gone and the tiles and roof are looking spiffy:

Bobby with the Empire State Building in the distance:

Both Hawks left their perches so I left for the day.

I found Bobby on a building under construction at the corner of Lafayette and Bond Streets:

I think it's been about a year since I'd seen him on that perch but now I know to look for him there from now on.

I was anxious for him because a drone was flying at his level over Bond Street but thankfully he didn't try to attack it and its owner drove it away.

A pair of Ravens flew past. Bobby flew in their direction and that was it for the day.