Both Hawks visit and fortify the nest - February 20th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Hawks are ramping up their nest fortification. Bobby has been bringing most if not all the twigs to the nest but both he and Sadie have been working on the nest together.

I was pretty excited that Bobby flew right toward the nest as soon as I arrived at the park this morning. I thought, 'Oh boy, there he is!'

He soon flew to the cross and had a contented rustle:

He left the cross, circled a bit further west, then landed on the southwest building:

He was immobile for about 45 minutes so I left the park and went further uptown to run errands.

I guess Bobby figured it was time to leave the park too because I saw him circling a few blocks north of me a few minutes later:

I last saw him flying southwest.

 As I was running my errands a fellow Hawk-watcher let me know both Hawks were back in the park. One brought a twig to the nest and the other Hawk followed.

It was then reported that Bobby left the nest while Sadie remained.

I returned to the park to see if I could catch some sweet action.


Bobby flew to the nest with yet another twig:

Moving branches into place:

Sadie left her perch and flew southwest to one of her favorite 3rd Street perches.


Bobby circled around the park then went northeast:

Sadie flew northeast as well.

I had northeast-bound errands to run as well so off I went. I spotted Sadie and Bobby circling very high above Broadway and 12th Street an hour later.