More Hawk mating and nest twigging - February 26th, 2016

Bobby and Sadie mated during my Washington Square Park visit today. They perched together, circled together, and Sadie followed Bobby around to different areas a couple of times.

Sadie was the first Hawk I saw. She was perched on One Fifth Avenue:

She had a full crop and looked very restful as she digested in the sun. Her eyes were closing on and off so she may have even been napping on and off:

Bobby appeared and joined her 5 minutes after I had arrived:

It was blustery and very cold and I was really hoping they would do something so I could get moving again. :) They sat together for 25 minutes until Bobby leapt off the perch and circled the building: 

Sadie watched as he headed northeast:

 She followed him:

I didn't see the Hawks return until 5 minutes later.


What I didn't realize at first was that Bobby was already in the nest and that Sadie was visiting him.

Sadie in flight:


He left the nest and soared above the park square:

He disappeared behind the library.

I went looking for him but couldn't find him.

Sadie was back on One Fifth:

Bobby swooped over to her nearly 10 minutes later and mated with her:

They resumed a long sun bath:

Bobby left a half hour later:

He circled northwest of the park for a bit. Sadie jumped off and circled northeast of the park. She disappeared so I went to find Bobby because he dove toward the nest.

He left the nest soon after I got closer:

I left the park with Bobby seated on One Fifth:

It was an action-packed and couple of hours and I was glad to see mating two days in a row.