Action-packed Hawk day. Matings, nest visits, both Hawks on Con Ed tower - March 1st, 2016

Today was a most excellent Hawking day. Over the course of three hours I watched Bobby and Sadie mate twice, Bobby reinforce the nest, and both Bobby and Sadie fly to the Con Ed tower for a sun bath. 

It was the first time I ever saw Sadie there. Bobby brought his previous mates Violet and Rosie there in years past so I was pleased to see that he was continuing this behavior with his new queen.

Sadie on a northeast building roof, eating:


He brought the twig to the nest:

Sadie finished her meal and flew below her:

Bobby took his turn to eat:

Sadie flew to a regular perch northwest of the park.

Bobby soon joined her, bringing the remains of the meal with him. He is on the right:

He took the food to the nest and left it there:

I am inclined to believe he brought the food there either for Sadie to eat when she is incubating her future eggs or for future hatchlings to eat.



Sadie on her favorite southwest perch:

She circled the sky a few times then landed on the northwestern-most building's topper:

They rose to extreme heights in the sky then tucked in and dove like bullets to the Con Ed tower.