Active Bobby, Sadie incubates - March 17th, 2016

I was in Washington Square Park today and didn't see much Hawk activity apart from Bobby zipping around some perches and Sadie get up to roll the egg(s) and then settle back down again.

It's difficult to nearly impossible to see the Hawks when they're down low in the nest bowl thanks to the high nest wall so there wasn't much to see when Bobby wasn't around.

I didn't see him until an hour after I had arrived. He flew from over the library to NYU's Silver Center, a building diagonally across from the nest: 

He only perched for a few seconds:

He disappeared on me. I then saw him circling the western side of the park before heading north. He was flying kind of low over the buildings so he was probably hunting.

I found him 7 minutes later, sitting on a water tower a couple of blocks east of the park:

I was wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me at first. A water tower perch seemed too 'obvious' but yes, it was him. 

He was relaxing and preening:

He flew off his perch after a couple of minutes then made his way back to Silver:

He disappeared yet again. I kept close to the nest instead of chasing after him in case there was a nest switch. I waited but no switch took place.

It was another half hour until Sadie got up and did some egg-rolling, had a quick preen, then settled back down again: