Bobby visits the nest, Sadie rests in the sun - March 5th, 2016

I was only in Washington Square Park for about an hour and a half today. I saw both Bobby and Sadie in and around the park but didn't see any mating.

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw both Hawks on a regular red tile roof northwest of the park (located on 9th Street between 5th & 6th Aves). Sadie was still on the building when I arrived a half hour later:

 Bobby appeared 15 minutes later on NYU's Silver Center (which overlooks the northeastern corner of the park):


He flew to the nest five minutes later. He tidied up the twigs a bit. He was there for ten minutes before he flew to the Judson Memorial Church cross.

We went to check on Sadie but she was gone.

Bobby returned to the nest after 10 minutes on the cross:

He was out again after another couple of minutes:

 Bobby circled above the park then tucked into a bullet and dove northeast.

He had flown right to the ConEd tower:

He was on the top as usual. I had hoped Sadie was with him as she was on March 1st but he was alone.

It was the quiet time of day so we left the park to run our respective errands.