Juvenile briefly visits the park, adults have a nest switch - March 30th, 2016

A long visit to Washington Square Park today paid off since there was a surprise appearance of a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk and I got to observe Bobby and Sadie having a nest switch. 

A juvenile circled above the park square. It eventually flew directly to the adult Hawks' favorite northwestern building perch:

It was a little pale in color and quite pretty:

It perched for nearly 10 minutes. It flew away and disappeared while I was checking my camera settings.

I checked on the nest as soon as I noticed the juvenile was gone. Sadie was in the nest, seemingly oblivious (or was disinterested maybe). 

I didn't see Bobby anywhere so the juvenile caught a good break and didn't have to get thrown out of the park.

A Downy Woodpecker was banging away, leading me and a few other park-goers right to it:

 Bobby showed up on One Fifth Avenue:

He flew south out of the park, circled above the eastern side of the park, then relieved Sadie of incubating duties:

She circled in front of One Fifth a few times then continued northward. I looked for her but she had slipped away. It had been a long outing for me so I slipped away myself.