Sadie incubates, Bobby escorts a juvenile Hawk from the air space - March 26th, 2016

There wasn't too much action during my two hour Washington Square Park Hawk visit today but the action I did see was quite fun.

Sadie didn't do much apart from incubate, her tail feathers facing the world:

Who I found out later to be Bobby was perched on the Con Ed tower in the distance:

It's his primary spot when he leaves the park for the late morning/early afternoon. The building is massive and he can see all around his territory from there. 

He shot off the building then headed to the park 10 minutes after I had discovered him up there:

He circled higher and higher above the park square. He caught lots of thermals and was practically somersaulting in the air. He was really going lollipops. :)

All of a sudden he tucked into a dive and began circling again. He was with a second Hawk. I could see it was a juvenile but I never got a blog-worthy picture of it.

He and the Hawk circled together for a few seconds until Bobby escorted it south away from the park. They both disappeared so I spent the next half hour sightseeing.

There was a mysterious art piece on the square:

I recognized it thanks to an EV Grieve post about it a few days earlier.

Flower buds are coming in nicely:

It was a bit chilly today but the park was full of springtime revelers:

A squirrel ran up the tree and started grabbing flowers to eat. It had a good time of it for a couple of minutes:

A juvenile zoomed overhead and headed southeast:

I'm not sure if it was the same one Bobby had escorted from the park earlier. I went looking for it but never saw it again.

I walked closer to the Con Ed tower to see if Bobby might be there again. He was there, facing the general direction of the park:


I waited for a while to see if he'd head back to the park but he didn't so I left for the day.