Sadie may have laid an egg - March 13th, 2016

There was a lot of Hawk activity in Washington Square Park this morning. A couple of Hawk-watchers watched as Bobby and Sadie flew into the nest several times. 

One of my friends noted both of the Hawks circling the sky together at 10:45AM.

My better half and I visited the park hours later, at 6:45PM (15 minutes before sunset), to find Sadie in the nest:

We walked around the park and looked for Bobby for an hour. We didn't find him so we returned to check on Sadie before leaving for the night.

She was still in the nest:

It was night time so she was obviously going to stay there overnight.

Her behavior would indicate that she's incubating an egg now unless she is roosting in the nest since it's so close to egg-laying time.