Sadie peeking from the nest, pigeon antics - March 21st, 2016

My Hawk-watching friends reported seeing lots of Hawk action over the weekend and this morning what with multiple nest switches and hunting.

I visited Washington Square Park at on 'off' time today and only got to see Sadie peeking up over the nest wall. At least there were other interesting park sights to keep me entertained.

A flock of Ravens flew past Bobst Library (where the nest is) early on:

Someone had heartlessly ripped up some flower bulbs and a little fir tree:

Sparrows are adept at clinging to the sides of buildings.

Here's one about 3 stories up on Bobst Library:

There is an Arthur Carter statue at the Native Woodland Garden east of Bobst Library:


I spied a pigeon eating on top of it for a couple of minutes:

It walked a bit too far down and started slipping and sliding: