Three nest switches, Bobby brings paper to the nest - March 15th, 2016

I got to see Bobby and Sadie switch nest duties three times over the course of two hours today.

Sadie zoomed into the nest right when I arrived:

Bobby raised his wing up as she entered:

She had something fuzzy in her beak:

Bobby got up from the nest and flew out:

He made his way across the park and to the southwestern corner building:

He disappeared for a while then landed just north of the park:

He perched for about ten minutes before leaping off and flying further north:

The Empire State Building's spire is seen on the right:

He came back to the park 10 minutes later and landed in the trees below the nest. He gathered some new nesting material for the nest:

It was Sadie's turn to get up from their egg and have a break:

Bobby then surprised me by leaving the nest. He flew northeast. He and she then circled the sky together east of the park.

Bobby returned to the nest three minutes later with some white paper for the nest:

He left again after a few seconds:

Sadie flew into the nest seven minutes later:

All was well and I'd seen much action so I left for the day.