A fine visit with the Washington Square Park Hawk family - April 24th, 2016

It was a good Hawk visit this morning at Washington Square Park. A fellow Hawk-watcher reported seeing both Hawks in the nest, Sadie feeding the hatchling(s), and Bobby doing a little bit of nearby flying before perching in view of the nest.

Bobby was still on his perch (on NYU's Silver Center) when I arrived:


Sadie got up and began feeding her hatchling(s) again:

Bobby leapt off his perch right when she started feeding. He then circled above the park square:

Zipping past NYU's Kimmel Center:

He flew into the nest:

I guess he just wanted to check on his family because he watched for a minute then took off:

Bobby then circled higher and higher above the park to where he became but a tiny speck and then invisible to me and my friends.

I had errands to attend to so it was a good time for me to leave for the day.