A hatch and Bobby looking over his family - April 23rd, 2016

The Washington Square Park Hawk brooding season is going smoothly so far. An egg is confirmed hatched as of yesterday and I've received word that there are three eggs in the nest. Fledge time and Hawk baby observing time will be a handful this summer. 

Since the Hawks' eggs usually hatch one a day, all three eggs should be hatched by early next week.

I visited the park this morning during its rainy period. There wasn't much action apart from Bobby watching over his family, flying to the nest to check on them, landing in a tree below the nest, circling above the library and park square, then traveling northeast from the park.

Sadie stayed low in the nest bowl the whole time I visited. A fellow Hawk-watcher saw her stand tall in the nest and look over her brood earlier in the morning. 

You can see some of the rain drops:

It's probably not possible to see where Bobby is in the photo below; I'm including it for perspectives' sake:

It will be delightful when the time comes to see the babies' wobbly fluff ball heads peeking up over the nest wall although that may be a while since the nest is so large now.