Bobby makes a fine showing, wards off a pesty Kestrel - April 17th, 2016

It's nigh impossible to see if there is a Hawk in the Washington Square Park nest sometimes since the walls are so high:

It wasn't until an hour later when a friend and I found Bobby circling a few blocks northeast of the park. He was leading a dive-bombing Kestrel further from away from his territory:

Since so many birds' territories overlap, Bobby might have been seen as 'the bad guy' to the Kestrel and that it was trying to bully him away from its own little family.

The two birds disappeared from view. I wouldn't see Bobby again for another 12 minutes. He was circling high above the eastern side of the park:

He flew south. I found him circling above the block behind the library but then he disappeared on me again. I returned to the park to wait and see if I would witness a nest switch.

I did see a Kestrel chasing/circling with a Peregrine Falcon though while I was south of the park. That was pretty fun. There are lots of raptors everywhere in the city.

Bobby returned to the park and perched on one of his favorite flag poles near the nest.

He sunned and preened for almost half an hour. 

Meanwhile, a Bobcat walked the perimeter of the park:

Bobby went south again then landed on NYU's Silver Center (a couple of doors north of his earlier flag pole perch):

He descended to either the top of one of the lower buildings or to the courtyard of those lower buildings. 

He was up and circling above the park minutes later:

I stuck by the nest instead of chasing after him but he never did come back before I had to leave for the day.