Hawks do a nest switch (there's no sign of egg hatching yet) - April 20th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Hawks took egg-warming turns late in my visit to the park today. There's still no sign of hatching but that's fine since all appears to be well and hatching is still imminent and not late.

Sadie was seen peeking:

A red piece of material appeared a few minutes later. It looked like it might be a metallic material like from a snack bag:

Bobby didn't appear until an hour after I had arrived. He flew around all areas of the park before landing on a regular perch northeast of the park: 

He flew behind One Fifth then back over the park several minutes later. I lost him when he flew south so I went looking for him.

I found him sitting on NYU's Kimmel building on my way back to the park grounds. The building borders the southern side of the park:

 Happy shake:

He landed on his favorite corner of NYU's Silver Center building:


It wasn't long before he flew to the nest. I had just enough time to run to where I could catch his landing:

He moved the red material away from the nest bowl. 

He tucked in while Sadie got up and took her break:

Flying past his perch:

The feathers surrounding the bare section of skin called the 'brood patch' were still askew:

She circled over Silver several times before landing on One Fifth Avenue:

It was obvious she was going to be preening in the sun for a while so I took my opportunity to leave for the day.