Nest switch, tower visits, spring beauty - April 6th, 2016

It was a busy two hour Hawk visit in Washington Square Park and beyond today. I saw a nest switch and both Hawks taking turns visiting the Con Ed tower. There were lots of beautiful springtime blooms to admire as well.

Bobby was the first Hawk I saw. He was atop One Fifth Avenue:

I texted a few friends to let them know Bobby was there and how glad I was to have such an easy Hawk day. But the joke was on me because as soon as I finished typing and looked at the building for Bobby again he was gone! 

An NYPD helicopter circled overhead a few times:

I found Bobby again several minutes later. He appeared from low over the library flying to the air space above the park.

It's not the first time I and a fellow Hawk-watcher has seen him come from right above the library. He may even perch on the roof.

All of a sudden I saw both Hawks flying in the air together. Sadie continued flying north and Bobby entered the nest:

I followed Sadie's flight path and watched as she flew northeast from the park, circled in front of the Con Ed tower, then land atop it.

She is on the left-hand side in the photo below:

She moved further in:

She disappeared from the tower so I walked around the park to enjoy the spring sights. 

Macro view of Bobst Library (the nest is in the 2nd window from the right):

A disturbingly large clump of feathers was on the grass:

I realized that it was remnants of the big Pillow Fight event that took place in the park a few days ago.

Some polyester pillow filling was on a different lawn:

There was a clump of fishing line that I tossed in the garbage. No good could come from that kind of rubbish.

Other mysterious sights included this embedded lighter:

...and chicken egg!

I was leaving the park when I saw a Hawk circling about five blocks north of the park (near Union Square Park).

I was at the southern border of the park when I saw Bobby come in for a Con Ed tower landing:

He moved to the other side of the tower. I missed seeing him leave when I moved to get a different view.

I found him later when he was circling back toward the park:

He was nowhere to be found when I returned to the park but that was OK because I had to leave anyway.

This pigeon was voted Most Beautiful Pigeon Of April 6th, 2016:

And this squirrel was voted Most Charming Squirrel of The Week. Here it is accepting its award atop the dais: